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Our Chiropractic Book


The Chiropractic Way to Health

Dr. Leo McCormick and Dr. Darryl Hajduczek

  • Feel good again using easy 10-minute self help techniques for getting rid of neck pain, back pain and sciatica problems.
  • Stand tall again using a “perfect posture” program.
  • Eat using an all-natural approach that will get your energy soaring and heal digestive problems.
  • Use the techniques found in the book’s “Special Help” section for healing foot/ankle, knee, hip, wrist/elbow, shoulder, jaw, and headache problems.
  • From advice on “curing” the common cold to taking charge of arthritis pain and sinus/allery conditions, this guide’s all-natural advice will have you feeling better fast.

“A must guide for every chiropractic patient and prospective chiropractic patient. The advice is the best I’ve seen.”

– Dr. Meredith Johnson, The Institute of Health

Dr. Leo McCormick and Dr. Darryl Hajduczek practice together in Pottstown and Elverson, Pennsylvania and are internationally renowned for their treatment results of nervous system disorders and spinal correction. They also teach their innovative and painless treatment methods to other chiropractors.

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