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Core Strength Assessment

Welcome!  We are here to help you achieve better results in your health.

To begin, We encourage you to take a few minutes to perform a core strength assessment.

It will help us evaluate your total core strength.

Each part is worth 1 point (Total of 8 pts.)

  1. Plank position (On toes and forearms) 1 minute
  2. Lift right arm out to the side 15 seconds
  3. Lift left arm out to side 15 sec. (After placing right arm down)
  4. Both arms down and lift right leg up and hold straight 15 sec.
  5. Put right leg down and lift left leg the same way 15 sec.
  6. Put left leg down and lift the right leg and left arm at the same time 15 sec.
  7. Put right leg and left arm down and lift left leg and right arm 15 sec.
  8. Get back to the original Plank position 30 sec.

Now add up the score!  It is ok if you were not able to complete each task.

This assessment simply gives us a foundation to start to build from towards getting better results in your health.

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