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Posture & Ergonomics

When you live an active life, you’re sure to experience a few aches and pains, such as knee pain, low back pain, joint pain, or shoulder pain. Over the years, we have seen a dramatic increase in repetitive and career-related injuries.  More than 10 million work-related are treated each year in the United States alone.  One of the major problems is the amount of time we are in improper positions and repetitive actions before, after, and during our work activities. This has led to an astonishing amount of improper movement patterns often leading to dysfunction, pain, and decreased performance. With these alarming statistics, we at McCormick Chiropractic are using our expertise in injury rehabilitation and extensive training in the nerves, muscles and skeletal system, and how these systems work together to develop our winning strategies to maximize your healing and revitalization time.

Our winning strategies include:

  • Increase Blood Flow Throughout the Body.
  • Increase Range of Motion and Better Flexibility.
  • Stimulate Posterior Chain Muscles. (Make You More Balanced and Stronger)
  • Decrease Risk of Injury.
  • Increase Recovery Time


Posture Is The Window To the Spine

One’s posture can reveal precious information that can assist our doctors and the patient in understanding on how to improve their spinal health. Through detailed readings, our doctor will show you the importance of a healthy back, the benefits of proper posture, and the methods that we will use to correct it.

By reaching a balance between your spinal problems and neuromuscular associations, you will be able to understand the relationship between each of your body parts. Our doctors will then address the importance of how chiropractic and wellness care can help you achieve this needed balance naturally and efficiently.


Posture and Ergonomics

We all have certain biomechanical attributes. Some are fixed and unchangeable. Some of these attributes, however, can be affected positively to increase the body’s capacity for performance.

We begin with an examination to help to find the source of your pain and help us determine an individual treatment program.  We will then personally design and guide you through a custom restoration and rehabilitation program.  These specialized exercises are an essential factor in injury prevention, lifestyle conditioning, and injury rehabilitation.

You will not only win with decreased pain but an improvement in balance, coordination, strength, stability, the range of motion, and endurance in an effort to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury.

Our focus will be on muscular imbalances, faulty neuromuscular coordination, inadequate ligament or tendon strength, inadequate bulk, problems with flexibility, and problems related to body composition. Using validated clinical techniques, we can isolate those mechanical variables that we can affect. Then utilizing the correct mix of state of the science hands-on clinical treatments, functional stretching, and specific exercises we will enhance your ability to perform your physical activities with improved technique, more power, and reduced risk of injury.  Instead of investing in new equipment and chairs that may compensate for biomechanical deficiencies, invest in your body. You won’t regret it!


Health Benefits for All In Pottstown, PA

No matter your age or sex. A program can be designed to fit you and improve your life. Let our top performance program combine a unique treatment of spinal adjustments, physical rehabilitation along with focus specific exercises to rehabilitate your muscles, joints, and nerves to get your body working in synergy. The result is decreased pain, increased mobility and function, and a better range of motion.


Please contact one of our amazing team members for further details.

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