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Here at McCormick Chiropractic, we love to share and celebrate the wonderful residents and their stories of overcoming health challenges. We find that sharing successes may help others create their health wins.

On this page, you can read some of the past success stories that our patients have left. We thrive on feedback from our patients and encourage you to share your experience with us at any stage in your treatment.

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Thank you, everyone!

“You never know how far reaching something you may say, think, or do today will affect the lives of millions tomorrow.”  – BJ Palmer


{My wife & I have been receiving chiropractic care at McCormick for the last six plus years, and they've been able to help us with everything from mitigating recurring lower back pain to stopping chronic migraines, even alleviating sinus pressure. The environment is very friendly & personable from the doctors to all of the staff... you're more than just a number here. They offer a variety of clinics & workshops (many of which are free to attend), and a wide array of services. Schedule an appointment, you'll see what truly excellent chiropractic care is really all about!
Tim Vogt
{After finding out my old boss(who was also my Chiropractor) passed away I almost dreaded looking for a new chiropractor because she took amazing care of me. I went to another chiropractor but they didn’t do manual adjustments and I didn’t feel like it was helping me. Christmas Eve I woke up with the worst stiff neck, it hurt so bad I almost passed out. Through family I found McCormick Chiropractic and I’m so happy I did. I feel like a new person walking out of there every appointment. Everyone there is so friendly and so helpful! You won’t be disappointed.
Daina Godshall
{The people at McCormick Chiropractic are always professional but friendly. I have been a client there for many years after injuring my back. I tried several chiropractors in the area and have gotten the best results at McCormick. I tell them that at 68 tears old I am still playing competitive Volleyball because of their treatment. A great place with a great team of doctors and support personnel. PS. This place runs like a well-oiled machine, wait time for your appointment is always minimal, but the Doctors will take the time to check on any issues you talk to them about. It is personal care at its best.
Michael Redding
{Not sure if the staff loves to watch Cheers and is always eating Olive Garden but when you walk in everyone knows your name and you're family. I can not say enough about the customer service, from the explanation of your health, to straight forward billing the McCormick team does everything they can to make you comfortable in both body and mind.
Jaime Ramos
{I've been going to McCormick Chiropractor for around 3 years. I wouldn't go anywhere else. They have the nicest staff. They always make you feel welcome. When I was at home sick, Kim called me to see how I was feeling. They really care about their patients! I would recommend them to anyone.
Sharon Oxenford
{My parents have gone to Dr. Leo for years, and it helped them to feel better & keep moving into their 70's & 80's. I started going about 4 years ago after a sciatica flareup. I've been helped through that plus, a torn hamstring, bruised rib, and know arthritis. The staff truly cares and is very caring & friendly. It feels like family when you enter 🙂
Trisha Simon
{I have been going to McCormick chiropractic since 2014. I would never go anywhere else. They have helped me through my cancer battles physically and also emotionally. Dr. Leo, Dr. Darryl, Dr. Connor and Dr. Leslie are amazing. When life gets really hard, they manage to ease my pain. The support staff are all amazing and caring. You won’t just be a patient, you will be a friend. They are like family to me.
Mary McKee
{I have been going to McCormick for over a year. Previously, I did see a local chiropractor who was not as thorough. The treatment plan at McCormick has changed my life for the better. I look forward to going to my appointments. Kim and Danielle are always welcoming and kind and Dr. Connor always has answers for any question I have. I love this place. There is nowhere else that I would think of going.
Robert Timbario
{I have been going to McCormick since April of 2022 & I will be a lifelong patient. Every member of the McCormick team is kind, knowledgeable, and truly genuine. Not only do I feel better, but I’ve also learned so much about what my body needs. They have given me a completely new view on chiropractic health. I am extremely grateful.
Jenny Amaral
{I have been going to McCormick for a little over a month in a half, and I absolutely love it. Prior to going, I was having pretty severe shoulder/lower back issues, and I started going twice a week and within two weeks of starting treatment, my shoulder and back pain were both significantly better. Special thanks to Dr. Darryl and Dr. Leslie for making sure that happened! The office staff is also amazing and so caring, and they make you feel welcome from the second you step in the door! I wouldn't go anywhere else!
Shana Enochs
{I have been coming to McCormick Chiropractic for 20 years. The care that the doctors provide to me is second to none! The doctors do an excellent job of “listening” to my body to determine the chiropractic care I need. My health over the years has improved because of their thoughtful treatments. The McCormick Chiropractic office staff are also the kindness people you will ever meet. I consider the entire staff at McCormick Chiropractic to be an extension of my family.
{I feel that I have been fairly healthy my entire life, but decided to become a patient of Dr. Leo after he was able to help my wife with several problems that she has had for a few years. Also, I felt that the concept of better health (or continued good health) through the maintenance of the spine makes good sense. I have had occasional back pain and other minor aches and pains. Dr. Leo has addressed all of my complaints, no matter how minor. Better yet, he is teaching me how to evaluate myself and to help myself through stretching and breathing exercises. The entire staff at McCormick Chiropractic has been very friendly and helpful which has made my chiropractic experience a most positive one.
Lee L.
{I started chiropractic care 1 year ago. My chief complaint was neck pain with limited neck mobility and headaches. I also had some lower back problems stemming from my pregnancies. I was miserable and only 37 years old! After heavy anti-inflammatory use without benefit I had to seek alternative holistic treatment. Since starting treatment, I have enjoyed good back/spine health. My neck pain and headaches are gone and my lower back has given me no problems. Thank you Dr. Leo and staff.
Ann A.
{After an early lifetime of sports, motorcycle and bike falls, as well as a few summers of construction work, a co-worker turned me on to chiropractic care. There were times where my lower back was in such discomfort that I would have trouble sleeping. My idea of relief was to pop a few Advils and lie flat on a carpeted floor. I’m now on a maintenance plan and feel a whole lot better. I am also now aware of what stretching can do to help. Chiropractic care has really helped me feel good and has made me more aware of the things I need to do in order to maintain stability in my lower back.
Larry L.
{It's helping me get my life back again. I can do things again that I couldn't do for a long time and hardly any pain, compared to what I was going through with severe pain and could hardly do anything, without aching.
Sue M.
{Since my treatment, I feel 100% better and getting better everyday and more knowledgeable on what can be done to help subluxation, diet and proper exercising. Thank you for all you have done.
John P.
{I can do more things like play soccer without my back hurting. Before chiropractic, I could not sit for long periods of time and I couldn't sleep right. Chiropractic has helped my back and neck get straight and I feel much better.
{My pain that had me irritable, moody and unable to stand for a long period has almost ceased completely. My sleeping is certainly better and with the stretching exercises, all seems to fall in line, literally. I have stopped taking my arthritis medicine since I restarted chiropractic treatments on a regular basis. I am eternally grateful for the results I have seen from my chiropractic care.
Elaine B.
{It has done wonders! I get a Christmas gift every 2 weeks from McCormick Chiropractic. I am confident because good posture creates the best 1st impression.
Jessie B.
{I started coming two months ago when I could not move my neck to the left at all and was suffering from pain in my lower back as well. After a thorough examination, I found out that my neck and back were both out of alignment. I'm not going to lie but I was scared to come here at first. I had a previous bad experience with another chiropractor, who caused me to be in more pain. Since I have come here, I can move my neck freely, walk and sleep with no pain. I am all around happier with the condition of my neck and back. My advice to anyone who has a doubt about coming to McCormick Chiropractic is don't be afraid. They are kind, loving, and professional. They know what they are doing here. They definitely changed my life for the better!
Cami P.
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