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Back to Basics in Pain Relief

Pain Relief Pottstown PA

Today everything comes with a label of ingredients and warnings.  Although the warning labels are clear the ingredients most often can not even pronounced or spelled.  The simple and safe rule of thumb that can easily be applied is that if you can not pronounce it do not eat it and try to only eat ...


Sharp Stop Neck Pain Relief!

Whiplash Pottstown PA Auto Injury

In today's busy world we and others around us can easily be distracted.  When we are distracted we have no present time consciousness and this can lead to accidents caused or experienced.  The impact often involves a sharp or sudden jolt in which our body, neck and head are not prepared for.  These distractions can ...


Help and Healing for Scar Tissue

Scar Tissue Pottstown PA Chiropractic

Living a full out lifestyle of a career life stylist,  as a weekend warrior, or professional athlete is challenging when an injury has occurred.  We mask and push through the pain as long as possible.  Most often we listen to our bodies only when the pain becomes to much to bear and that our range ...


13th Year as Mercury Reader’s Choice


McCormick Chiropractic was voted the area’s best Chiropractic office by the Mercury Reader’s Choice contest for the 13th year.

Our office greatly thanks our patrons for voting for us and in return, we promise to serve our community to the best of our ability, bringing to you, your family and friends, the finest in chiropractic healthcare and service.

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Best Foot Forward – Defeating Sciatica

Back Pain Pottstown PA Sciatica

Have you experienced sheer agony from just standing up?  Walking has became labored and now avoided all together due to the immense pain that shoots down one leg or the other.  Unfortunately, this description is far to common.  Your condition is diagnosed most often as sciatica.   It is managed by medication until the point ...


Dawn’s Weight Loss Blog – Week 2

Week 2 8/21/14 3:00 pm - 3:15pm // 3:45 - 4:00 8/28/14 3:30 - 3:37 8/29/14 9:45 - 10:30 Well, I didn’t really think week two (my week as a vegetarian) was any harder than week one. I drank three shakes a day, eliminated all meat, and limited my fish intake. Dr. D. said that ...


Fall Faster into Health

Immune System Pottstown PA Health

School is back in session and It is common that parents find someone gets sick soon after school starts.   So this month let’s all commit to making ourselves a little healthier by choosing one or more of these health habits to practice regularly. Ask one of our Team Docs what he or she suggests, and travel the ...


Dawn’s Weight Loss Blog – Week 1

Dawn recently began our weight loss program, and will be blogging her progress here. If you're interested in finding out more about our program click here, or call us on 610-705-0201. 8/21/14 2:00pm My name is Dawn and I’m overweight – technically, I’m obese. How I got here – I couldn’t say. Growing up I was ...


Celebrate Chiropractic’s Birthday with Us


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The Artificial Edge in Athletic Performance

Athletic Performance Pottstown PA Steriods

Teenagers today are under a lot of pressure to be the best and in the world of sports that is the fastest and strongest.  We have raised them in the fast food - fast everything era so they want to obtain all of that in the shortest time.  The artificial edge of steroids and performance ...