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The Slam Dunk on Avoiding Sports Injuries

Back Pain Pottstown PA Sports Injury

March Madness is Here!  If you are a sports fan you know that the excitement of any play off season has our bodies filled with adrenaline and reliving the good ole days.  If we have remained active and are in a conditioned state the activities will be less severe but even then our susceptibility to ...


Great Solution for Migraine Headaches

Headaches Pottstown PA Migraine

Have you ever woke up with a dull headache and just knew it was going to escalate into a full blown migraine headache by lunch?  If you are a migraine sufferer that scenario is all to real.  The worst part is that the migraine pain can or will leave you debilitated for possibly hours or ...


Chiropractic on Health

Health Pottstown PA Chiropractic

As a Chiropractor, I listen to many people's versions and definitions of health.  Unfortunately our opinions are formed by what our parents told us and all the information that is provided by general medical practitioners, drug companies, athletic clubs, infomercials and all the superfluous information we can search on Google.   In all of this extremely ...


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patricks Pottstown PA

Spinal Rehabilitation or Spinal Surgery for Back Pain?

Back Pain Pottstown PA Spinal Surgery

Healthcare in the US at the moment is in shambles.  Rising costs for insurance with less and less coverage.  When it comes to our health and health strategies we are being more careful and critical of our options.  So what happens when you are suffering with excruciating back pain and you are offered a replacement ...


Stressed Out? Let Chiropractic Help!

Neck Pain Pottstown PA Stress

In our faced pace life, the majority of us have been ignoring and pushing off our internal maintenance to fill it temporarily with a short term outside solution of caffeine and denial.  Add stress and the temporary fixes no longer cover the symptoms or warning signals that your body is screaming for you to address ...


Is Piriformis Syndrome the Cause of My Sciatica?

Piriformis Syndrome Pottstown PA Sciatica

Are you suffering with leg pain that may burn, ache, and radiate to your knee or worse yet be felt down to your toes?  The bad news is that it hurts tremendously and you have become tired with the pain of trying to "cure" the problem with your leg.  The great news is that it ...


Winter Weather Continues!



Our offices in Elverson and Pottstown will be CLOSED today, Thursday, March 5th due to the weather. Normal hours will resume on Saturday at 8:00 a.m.

Safety tip of the Day: Remember to bend at the knees while lifting a shovel of snow!

Thank you and be safe!

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Another Winter Weather Alert!



Due to the prediction of a large snow storm on Thursday, March 5th, we are rescheduling all patient visits on that day.

Please call our office to reschedule your appointment.

Thank you and be safe!

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Best Foot Forward to Avoid Plantar Fasciitis

Foot Pain Pottstown PA Plantar Fasciitis

Step.  Jump.  Leap.  Balance and turn.  Although these sound like dance steps, they are just some of the simple activities that our feet perform every day.  Most of us are completely oblivious to the dependence that we have on our feet and until we are alerted by pain in the foot or heel. This discomfort can ...